Friday, July 25, 2014

The Weekly UpDate

Of course the big news here down at the end of High Street continues to be our fabulous round-a-bout.  Wow, is it ever making a difference to area commuters!  Those that understand the concept, that is.  There are still some losers drivers who think yield means stop and who also think you must stop to  let traffic onto the circle, but for the most part it is proving to be  a real glide-a-bout.  For the past two nights, the Bramble crew have been working late doing the paving, which is a lot better for our business than having that flagger control traffic during lunch time.  Overall it appears that the project will do what it is supposed to do and eventually I am sure the local populace will understand how to maneuver around it. 

As usual, summer in Kent County is moving right along.  We got our first Redman's watermelons this week and I will be enjoying a big slice everyday, as long as the supply lasts.  They were featured on this week's prix-fixe menu, as a salad with feta cheese, a classic pairing if there ever was one:

This was followed by a sort of "Salisbury Steak", made with ground St. Brigid's Farm veal with a shiitake mushroom sauce.  Had to be tasty, but I was only an onlooker.

Dessert was classic bread pudding with a fruity sauce of blueberries.  Overall a popularly seasonal menu received well by our dining public.

Kevin has been working exceptionally hard lately, covering Mandrell's shifts, who has been ill since last Friday.  He came in finally on Thursday, a little tired but mostly recovered and ready for work.  He kept saying "I'm back, I'm back", which was of course a great relief to Kevin, who'd been pretty much setting up the line alone for lunch service.  The most stressful day was Wednesday, when we had a party of 15 booked for 11:30.  Thank goodness Dashan - from the night crew - was able to come in and be here to help get that group fed in a timely fashion.   

Tiffany made her first up-side down cake this week, and it sold out that very night!  Peach!

The meat special this week has been St. Brigid's Farm veal.  One of the preparations was this cutlet with crab, Smithfield ham and sage, with a dash of lemon butter sauce.  It looked delicious, and apparently tasted so as well.

Ben Dize celebrated a birthday this week at the Brooks Tavern, and for his special dinner he wanted bison.  We tried to get some for him, but unless we bought practically a whole side, we couldn't get what he wanted, so we settled for a specially cut Pineland's steak:

Cooked perfectly medium rare with a mushroom sauce on top,  it was a meal fit for a carnivore's special day!

KCHS class of 1973 had a mini-reunion in the BT dining room on Saturday.  Stephanie Moore Pauling was in town visiting from her home in East Texas, and appeared for lunch with friends Cathy Wilson Coppol and Beth Simmons in tow.  A lot of laughs were had by all.
We got some very bad news this morning.  David Lippincott, who worked with us for several years at the Kennedyville when he was just a teenager, died at his home in Florida this week.  His mom sent us an email, telling us he succumbed in his fight against his alcohol addiction.  We are so stung by this sad news.  Dave was one of the good ones, a very special person who worked so hard for us as a true team mate in our quest for success.  We've never forgotten him, despite long years between sightings.  He loved music, and introduced us to a band we would never have heard of otherwise - Morphine.  Lately I've had one of their classics running through my head, "Cure For Pain", and now I know why.  We listened to their "Like Swimming" CD this morning in tribute to the late, great Dave Lipponcott.  He's found his cure for pain.

Peace out!

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