Saturday, November 27, 2010

French Fries!!

Rodrigo - the fellow who controls the line better than anyone we've ever had do it before! - also is the man behind the BT French fries.  When Kevin initially put fries on the steak plate, they were being hand cut...not anymore!  A few months ago we got a French Fry Cutter, and the job has become a lot more time friendly, although it still takes a while to go from potato to plate.  After Rodrigo cuts them, they are soaked in cold water, until they are given their first fry in the hot oil.  They are drained, dried, and fried for about 2 minutes,  then cooled again until service. They will get a second fry just before they go on the plate.  They go on the burger plates at night too.  A lot depends on the potato - Kevin uses Russets - but that double frying is what really makes the fry stand out.  The full photo story follows:

Come and get it!

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