Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What the Cooks Are Cooking For TG

The Cooks of Brooks Tavern - with the exception of one - all have their designated duties coming up on Thursday.  Let's see what they are doing:
Kevin - the Chef is doing the turkey, of course.  He's dry brining it and then roasting it on the gas grill.  He's also making the dressing and the mashed potatoes.
Kevin G. - is also in charge of the turkey for his Thanksgiving table, as well as sausage stuffing and the gravy for the bird.
Angie - is doing everything, with a little help from her mom.  They have dueling cranberry sauces, traditional every year.  This year Angie is making a recipe from Jasper White, that involves ginger and white pepper.  Her mother typically does a raw cranberry relish. 
Megan - is driving from friend to friend, family to family, bearing a bushel of oysters in the back of her car, armed with some cocktail sauce for those who desire it, and shucking to order a few raw oysters for those lucky enough to be visited. 
Rodrigo - is the only one of our cooks who will not be cooking anything on Thursday.  He is simply going to sit down to the table and enjoy!
Brian - is getting off easy too: he is going to prep the onions and celery, for the stuffing I suppose.
Marlena - is also doing the whole thing herself.  She is deep frying the turkey, after it has been brined and injected with a Cajun butter.  Her green bean casserole is the family classic with a twist: a little BBQ sauce added to the beans. 
Mary - is making kolache, a Czech pastry involving fillings ranging from raisins to poppy seeds.  She is also in charge of the "bacon buns", which are yeast rolls filled with bacon and onion.

With the exception of Rodrigo, it doesn't appear that the BT kitchen crew will be getting much of a day off on Thursday...


  1. I want bacon buns!

  2. From that far away exotic land known as Southern California, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Brooks Tavern and the rest of the fine people of Chestertown.

    I enjoy the commentary about your work, friends, patrons, co-workers, travels, reviews, pets, etc. (even those 2 guys who put up your Christmas tree) - keep up the good work.