Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Office as Nursing Home

The BT office is Ruby's bedroom this week, as she is suffering from some sort of leg damage - perhaps a re-injury of a once repaired ACL.  She is as miserable as any dog can get...she manages to barely shamble from the chair at home to the car to the bed in the office, keeping her right rear leg tucked way up under her belly and her rat tail deep between her thighs.  She is very depressed.  She greets no one.  She jumps up on no one.  She plays with no one.  She doesn't make a sound.  She rarely even raises her head when someone comes into the room...  She has a vet appointment on Monday.  For now, all we can say is that some foreign dog has inhabited Ruby's body, for this morose, depressed and practically immobile dog is not the one we are used to!

Meanwhile, this peek into the office offers a view of the rug which should be hanging on the wall in the DR, if we could only get it to stay put, my several pairs of shoes for wear during service, and the red wine fridge that soon will be unplugged, since the storeroom is getting quite chilly!


  1. Barbara, if time, when you get back from the Vet, would you post a note about Ruby's diagnosis and prognosis?
    I suspect that she (and you) have worried and anxious fans. thanx,
    Connie G.

  2. So what did the vet say? ggmyer