Friday, December 31, 2010

9 Hours To Go But Who's Counting?

Uh looks like he's added another column...

Here we have the lamb prep - the braised meat is being mixed with the preserved lemon and the artichoke hearts.

This is rolled into logs and will be sliced for service, the lamb mingling with the flavors of the lemon.

Yesterday Angie put together the raspberry trifle - I only got a photo of the beginning, since it was the start of lunch service.  We found a terrific sponge cake recipe, which she had previously baked into large cakes.  She cut them into manageable rectangles and brushed them with raspberry liqueur.  Next the cakes were spread with housemade raspberry jam, then layered in a bowl with pastry cream and raspberry puree...this should be pretty tasty!  This morning she will be making the pear tarts and the chocolate pave.  Angie, BTW, is going on vacation next week, getting a well deserved bout of serious R&R!

It's going to be a long day of prep for everyone.  We'll get some of Proc's pizza for lunch and with any amount of luck, all will be done by the time the DR staff is here and ready for their menu briefing!  Carry on!!


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