Friday, December 03, 2010


Our customers love the bread we serve at dinner.  And for good reason - it is very tasty.  The crust is just right: crunchy but not too hard.  The flavor is sweet toasty wheat, and the butter from Beaver Meadows is the perfect accompaniment.  We make our ciabatta rolls, hamburger rolls and pita bread as well (and all are equally good) but there is just something about that warm slice of crispy crusted bread that wins hands down. (or up, as the case may be)

The process of making it is an all day one - I've mentioned the no-knead method we use in a previous post - that is shared by three or four cooks four or five days a week.  Last week was the first time Angie was in charge of the final steps: shaping the balls of dough and baking them to golden goodness.  I think she was very successful:
We include bread service with the price of large plate entrees at dinner, while small plate diners who request bread are charged the small token of 50 cents.  (With the price of butter going up about 30% a pound recently, we may have to rethink this strategy.)  Occasionally we have a surplus of loaves, and that's when you will see a "bucket of bread" sitting on the bar, fresh from the oven, for sale by the loaf. 

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