Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Seasonal Beers

I've probably gone a little overboard
with the seasonal beers this winter...
We started with a simple case of
DogFish Punkin Ale - very popular!

Wreck the Halls from Full Sail Brewery in Oregon is in a 24 oz. bottle, while the Sessions Black from the same brewery is pug nosed 11 oz. bottle.

21st Amendment's Fireside Chat got us started with the
Winter Spiced Beers - it's gone already!

We have also gone through a few bottles of
large format Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale.

And of course we had to have Sam Adams' winter selection,
a Winter Lager. 
Hey, it's Christmas!  we can go crazy, right?
Check out the latest cold weather offering
the next time you are in!

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