Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over Drafts

Maybe the title to this post is the wrong one to use, seeing as our Landlord is a CPA...

The fact is, we are over drafts (mostly) in the dining room, thanks to Rodney Brown and his caulk gun.  This December has seen some significant chill in the DR, due in part to the seasonally but unusually cold month, and the fact that the Dining Room is basically in a barn, with all the old wood and leaky corners typical of the genre.  The building will never be airtight.  A lot of insulation and caulking took place during the original renovation, but the time has come for an upgrade.  I had been pretty much limiting seating at tables 7 and 9, where I knew the worst breezes were, but whole dining room was becoming difficult to heat.  Rodney's efforts will most certainly make a difference for diners wanting a cozy spot to eat, but also should keep more money in our coffers and less to Delmarva Power!  Thanks Rodney!

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