Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Week

This time last year we were buried under many inches of snow and were forced to close the last Saturday before Christmas...some would say that that is not a bad thing, as slow as that Saturday is.  This year proved to be about what we expect, meaning very quiet - although I will say we have been somewhat busier this December than in years past.  Don't know what it means, but it certainly hasn't been as dreadfully slow as we typically are while the poplace prepares for December 25th.

 We are doing our best to celebrate the season this week:
  • Hot cocoa is being made.
  • There is both Eggnog and Peppermint ice cream from Kilby Cream.
  • I am wearing my red sweater.
  • We are pouring some Christmas Cheer.
  • The CDs in the player are all Holiday inspired.
  • We have tested the fruited cake and deemed it delicious.
  • Cocktails are served with red and green cocktail napkins.
  • Greens are going up this afternoon.
  • We all feel compelled to ring the sleigh bells!
The best part of the season is this week leading up to the Big Day, when everyone is feeling festively  cheerful, offering their holiday greetings to one and all.  The cookies and candies come out on their trays, the cranky wear Santa hats and the ladies wear their holiday sweaters.  Children are beyond excited, as time stands still for them, while the rest of us can't seem to stop time so we can get all of our preparations done by Friday.  
Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Week!  It's a special time of year for all to enjoy.

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