Friday, March 25, 2011

Burger Night!

We had our first "Burger Night" last night, and I think we could call it a promising start - we were swamped!  Seventy five covers, 23 of whom had burgers, 21 of those being the Special Burger pictured above, with blue cheese and fried onion rings. Wow!  Considering that the only advertising we did for this new event was via FaceBook and an ad in the Tidewater Trader, I'd say that was pretty good!

So, with a nod to our old favorite bar, Andy's, Thursday nights will officially be "BT Burger Night".  Someone had to pick up that mantle, and since our St. Brigid's Farm burger is so damn good, why not us?  We'll be offering our regular hamburger options, plus a Special Burger that will change with the week.  And of course, our regular menu will be available as usual.

We'll see how it goes...the next few weeks will be the true test of it's success.

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