Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twenty Five Years: continues

Kevin with Margery Reed of Centreville, in the late 80's.
Over the past 25 years we have worked with a lot of young people.  In the early days we hired many Washington College students, until we realized that their transience was a negative issue we could avoid by hiring local kids.  Some of these local "kids" are still around, with businesses and employees of their own.  Others have moved on, some still in the restaurant business, others far, far away from it.
Steve Kogler was one of the first WC students on our roster, and always one of the best.  He now owns a wonderful wine store outside of Lewes Delaware, Teller Wines, and we stop in to see him whenever we go down to Rehoboth. 

Another early staffer was local girl Margaret Hughes.  We stole her away from the Harbor House.  She worked with us for several years, and we became really good friends.  Next to her is Craig Woodus, who terrorized my mother one lunch with a giant sword, when she "complained" about her omelette.  He is still a "fan" of ours, and we have worked with a couple of his relatives since his day.

I've got a couple pretty hilarious photos of this threesome - but this is the least offensive...  In the middle you've got Sylvia Sherry Little, the person totally responsible for the famed oyster fritter.  It was her recipe that she brought into the kitchen, and that Kevin has been using ever since.  She deserves all of the credit.  On her right is Neyah White, generally a resident of San Francisco, with a big following among the mixologists out there.  If you google him, you will see he has become quite the bar star!  On Sylvia's left is Heath Raimond, a one of a kind person who made us laugh and see the bright side every day.  Where is he now?

This young man started out on the floor at the Ironstone, and eventually headed into the kitchen where he became an indispensable member of Kevin's small brigade.  He now lives over on the "other side", where he is a Chef at a private club.  He stops in to see us now and then.  Trevor Travis, a big part of our history.

Frank Creegan was another who kept us smiling, while he worked as a waiter.  I have seen him now and then over the years - most recently at Andy's Closing - and his mom was just in here for lunch. I cannot identify the girl sitting with Frank, but most likely I was interrupting something with my photo.

This young busgirl, breaking down a loaded tray in the kitchen, is our mystery picture this go round. She still keeps in good shape here in town, and helps the rest of us do the same.  She is one of those people that you love to see but hate the fact that you have to see her.

Next time: customers, some gone but none forgotten!


  1. I don't know any of your celebrities but you've done a great post. Kudos to all of those that have helped you along the way...

  2. What a cool post, Barbara. So great they were lucky enough to learn from you guys. It's a nice tribute to the kids. And we know some folks who would like to canonize the oyster fritter gal.

    Thanks for providing a nice good-morning smile. Connie G.