Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farewell Oyster Fritter, Hello CrabSteak!

As they say, when one door closes another one opens...   We will see the last of the oysters this week as we welcome the return of Maryland crab meat.  The season for Maryland waterman to harvest the Chesapeake blue crab is from April through December, which is why you won't see a crabcake on our menu from late winter until early spring - we only use fresh Maryland crab when it is available.   It's a seasonal item, like local strawberries and asparagus.  It's a trade off - oyster fritter for crabcake - which really isn't such a bad deal!  It's not that you can't get crabcakes and oyster fritters all year long, but they won't be made from fresh, local seafood, which is why we don't do it.  We have a reputation for serving high quality seafood in season and we don't want to risk that by offering you anything less.

I'm just saying - this is the last week for Brooks Tavern's oyster fritter.  Get them while they last!

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  1. Oh crab steak and the oyster fritter, two things I miss about my KI days (alright, you got me- it's truly the lemon butter sauce I want) :) gotta make it to BT soon for both! (Well, maybe on separate trips!) Hope you are all doing well- Wayles