Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday Night's Prix-fixe

Last night's prix-fixe diners began their meal with a plate (one which was not so greenly tinted as this picture implies) with fresh spinach under an open faced sandwich of sauteed onions and sundried tomato and a slice of Kevin's mozzarella (one of his best batches of late, IMHO).

 This was followed by panko coated catfish.  I overheard one customer reply to her husbands query that she would choose to eat catfish: "But it's Kevin's catfish".  And it looked mighty good.

Dessert was this slice of stuffed angel food cake with chocolate glaze.  Could have used a little more mocha whipped cream inside, to avoid that tell-tale gap at the top, but otherwise it was a well received sweet at the finish.

 And looky here!  The very first crabcake of the season sizzles all by its lonesome on Big Bertha.

Plated up with a small green salad, some lemon garlic vinaigrette, candied lemon peel and a dash of that chive-carrot garnish = spring is here!

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