Monday, April 11, 2011

Food and the People Who Eat It

Mike VandeWeghe and Polly Ill had their dinner in the kitchen last Thursday night.  Polly is a regular kitchen diner - she really enjoys the interaction with the kitchen crew and watching the cooks do their thing on the line.

The new baked macaroni and cheese, currently being served at lunch, has been a big hit.  And when that mac & cheese "cake" comes out of the oven, in it's spring form pan, it looks pretty tasty!

LaVonte and Sam are quite happy with their sausage sandwiches Friday night.  Usually Kevin makes the dish crew a more "balanced" meal, but these guys were all over this one.  Hey, there were grilled onions on there, that's a vegetable isn't it?

Meanwhile, in our back yard, the Chef is cooking over Fire. 

He was grilling some duck legs for dinner, and heating up the cast iron wok for some roasted cauliflower and rice noodles.  And what was my job?  why, opening the wine of course!

Bon Appetit!

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