Friday, April 08, 2011

Let The Rosés Begin!

Our second rosé of the season year arrived this week.  I was alerted to Steve's email: "order now, we will sell out".  I ordered now, tasted later.  And man, it is good.  A rosé of syrah from Washington State, this is a collaborative effort from two winemakers, both named Charles.  Charles Bieler and Charles Smith (Remember the "BoomBoom Syrah" we had awhile back? that was from the latter Charles.) join forces to create a rosé in the Provencal style that both agree is their preference.  

Included with the wine - a cool bumper sticker that reads: 

                    "Yes You Can 
                      drink rosé and still be BAD *SS"

Yes I will.  We've got plenty of Charles and Charles rosé to keep us in the "pink" for  awhile!  

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