Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wednesday's Prix-fixe

The tortellini with their button of ricotta filling, prior to shaping.
Last night's prix-fixe menu was a pretty awesome deal for $20.11.  Where else in Kent County, or maybe even on the whole Eastern Shore, were you going to get a meal for that price that included handmade tortellini in a rich beef broth, pancetta wrapped meatloaf and poppy seed cake?  I think this is why Kevin enjoys the Wednesday menu so much, because it allows him to do things like make pasta for 20 or so orders.

He shapes the pasta squares by hand.         

Rows of tortellini, dusted with cornmeal.

Meanwhile the meatloaf with their pancetta coat and the beef broth cool on the cart.  

Tortellini in beef broth.

Beef and pork meatloaf with "sauce".

Poppyseed cake for dessert.

We weren't super busy last night, so that means there will be meatloaf and poppyseed cake for lunch today!  And the remaining tortellini?  those will also be lunch...for the Chef and his Wife!

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