Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Next CupCake Queen

Brooks Tavern's lunch line cook, Marlena Kelly, is poised to become the area's supreme cup cake baker!  An avid baker as well as professional cook, Marlena is the mother of Girl Scout Maggie, who, as most girl scouts do, sells Girl Scout Cookies.  Each year there is a "Cookie Kick-Off", featuring "bake-offs" using Girl Scout Cookies as ingredients.

At the same time, a Washington DC cupcake bakery, Georgetown Cupcakes, does it's own Girl Scout Cookie thing, via their television show on the TLC network - DC Cupcakes

That's a lot of links!  But, tie the whole thing together: Marlena's troop, The Daisy Girls, entered her Thin Mint Cupcakes in their local bake-off, and they were chosen for first place!  On Monday she will compete with all the other regional winners in a CupCake BakeOff, sponsored by DC Cupcakes at their location in Washington! 

Marlena will be reporting back to us on Tuesday, with pictures!

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