Monday, May 16, 2011

The "Jug-Or-Knot"

Here's what Kevin and Roy spent all day yesterday building: BrooksTavern's entry into the T-Party annual raft race.  Whoo hooo!! Kevin has been saving fry oil jugs ever since he got this bug up his butt idea last year to enter the classic race.  They made paddles out of fish tub lids.  There are six seats for Kevin and his crew to sit on, although I am not sure where they are supposed to be putting their legs...  I will be there on the ground, and look forward to cheering on the brave sailors.


  1. Spreading oil (jugs) on troubled waters, are we? Good luck to the crew!

  2. Has this thing been tested (maybe on Comegys Pond)? I'd be a little concerned about the torque that will be applied to the jug handles by the upward thrust (boyancy) of the water....