Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday Lunch at the "Freeze"

 After almost a year of an empty parking lot, the independent fast food joint of our youth re-opened recently as "The Freeze", serving up the burgers and subs, fried chicken and shakes that Downey's made locally famous.  We stopped for lunch on Monday, cheesesteak on our mind.

It was good.  The roll was a big winner - chewy and obviously griddled before sandwich construction began.  The cheese was appropriately gooey and there was plenty of meat.  Personally I would have done with less "steak" and more lettuce and peppers and onions, but I imagine I am in the minority on that.  The meat did need a little more seasoning, and we wanted more hots, but that is an easy fix.  Overall, it met with success in the front seat of our car, and the fried chicken we gazed at through the glass heat box looked extremely tempting...next time!

Welcome back!

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