Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Summer Weakness

Besides hard and soft shelled crabs, and watermelon, and, yeah, I guess I better include sitting on the patio watching fireflies in the early evening, and corn on the cob, my biggest summer weakness would be rosé wine.  I can never get enough.  I just love it, and I love turning our guests on to a new one.  Some will not even give it a try - they insist that they don't like rosé wine, and while I am tempted to blindfold them and see what they think when they can't see that it is pink, I try not to insist too much.  After all, that just means more for me!

Our  latest Pink Wine actually goes by that name: Pink Flamingo Gris de Gris.  From Domaine de Jarras, this is a perfect rosé for many palates.  It is dry and crisp and fruity all at once.  It will be around for a couple more weeks, until I eventually move on to the next one, so give it a try. Summer lasts for such a short time, and like the fireflies and the corn on the cob, the pleasures are fleeting.

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