Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week's Wednesday Menu

Last night's Menu Diners began their three course meal with a goat cheese and beet "salad" on fresh corn.

This was followed by what may be the finest summer entree ever: salmon escabeche (es-kah-BECH-ay), or escabรจche (es-keh-BEHSH). This classic Spanish preparation for seafood begins with grilling, poaching or searing a nice fatty piece of fish, and then marinating it for 24 hours in a spicy sauce.  I don't know what Kevin based his version on, but here's what appears to be a pretty easy method for you to try at home.  Last night he plated the salmon on a wax bean (thanks Redmans!) salad and served the marinating vegetables - onions, carrots and peppers - on top, with a little of the marinade juice for sauce.  It. Was. Delicious.  And so perfect for a hot summer day!

The meal was topped off with a frozen slice of coffee almond tortoni, sauced with chocolate and sprinkled with slivered almonds.  Wow.  How Kevin comes up with this ever changing Wednesday night menu, I will never know.

Two more selections, on the specials list last night, included the duck sausage on creamed corn.  This small plate has received rave reviews from those who order it, and it just may replace the duck confit on the Dinner Menu.  Kevin really is a sausage maniac anymore, and don't we love it!

I leave you with one of those "twisted" (what is WITH this??) pictures of the rockfish - under it's blanket of corn, bacon and lemon butter sauce, served with beets, rice cakes and summer squash fans.  Rockfish is my personal favorite, and this application was spot on.  

Food.  You gotta love it.  I spend my weekend eating food and my weekdays working with food while thinking about what food I'm going to eat the coming weekend...   How can that be a bad thing, eh?


  1. That absolutely can NOT be a bad kinda gal!!! Imagine our surprise when part of Parker's retirement gift package was a gift card to Brooks Tavern..... That was some nice investigative work they did from way down here in Florida. Shari

  2. Ha! I thought it was pretty cool!