Thursday, June 30, 2011

V.I.C. Arrives Tonight

Here's something you don't see every day at Brooks Tavern.  Actually, you have probably never seen it - and thank goodness, since it's pretty unprofessional looking!  But a "Reserved" sign has been placed on Table One in anticipation of the arrival of a Very Important Customer this evening - "Big Bob" Hamilton and his wife, Freddie.   This translates to Kevin's Dad, who is indeed a very important guest, one we don't get to see too often.  At 94, he needs a little more light than some of our other tables offer, and being slightly hard of hearing, needs a table a little out of the noise zone as well.  Seeing as it's Burger Night, we might not be able to avoid the later, but we'll try.  I have a nice bottle of wine all ready, and Kevin is preparing a very special menu, including squash blossoms stuffed with crab and some St. Brigid Farm sweetbreads.  We look forward to their presence in our dining room tonight, and hope they enjoy the meal!

And here they are - not that it's such a great picture.  Kevin had a minute to come out and join Bob and Freddie before he began preparing their menu.  They ended up having St. Brigid's Farm calves liver, which just came in today, so you know that was a real treat.  It was great to have them here - Freddie's first time in the area - and we look forward to their next visit to Brooks Tavern!

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