Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tabitha and Rediet

The Tabitha  and Rediet team is coming to a close.  Both bus girls extraordinaire graduated from KCHS this spring, (Rediet being valedictorian, as many of you know) and it will soon be time for them to head off to college.  They are proud members of that exclusive club of bussers who work extremely well together, hustling about the dining room, clearing plates and glasses, offering bread, refilling water glasses and resetting tables.  A strong bus person is worth a waiter's weight in gold, as far as making service run smoothly, and these two are among the best we've had here at BT.  We will be sorry to see them leave.  Let's talk to them one more time:

BT: Everyone wants to know where Rediet is from!
R: I was born in Ethiopia.  My parents moved to the States so my sister and I could have better educational opportunities.

BT: And Tabitha is a local girl.
T: Born at Kent and Queen Anne's Hospital.  My parents both work at SuperFresh.

BT: What are the college plans?
R: I'm going to the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.  I am going to be pre-med, so I'm majoring in biology.
T: I'm going to Wesley College, in Delaware.  I want to be a vet, so I am focusing on medical technology.

BT: What is your favorite dish on the Brooks Tavern menu?
R: The romaine salad.
T: Same here!

BT: What is the least favorite part of your job as busser?
R: Resetting the tables.
T: Scraping the plates.
BT: And your favorite?
R: Serving bread, because it gives me a chance to talk with the customers.
T: My favorite job is actually hosting.  I like talking with the guests too, and that goes along with the hosting shifts.

BT: What was the hardest thing you had to learn when you first started working here?
T: Learning the seat numbers!
R: That's a good one!  Plus serving water to big parties. (Ha!)

BT: What words of advice can you offer the new bussers?
R: Talk to the guests, because that makes everyone's experience more enjoyable.
T: Be confident.

Both girls turn 18 in a few days.  They'll be on the floor until the middle of August, and then they will leave our nest to start the next adventure in their lives.  Wish them well!

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  1. They are both as cute as can'll miss them.....but they are going on to college....hooray for them!!!!Shari