Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Morning Moaning

Our week is not off to a very good start.  (I will definitely have to keep Kevin away from the coffee.)  What was already going to be a challenging week has escalated into more of the same...

Two of our key kitchen people are getting married this month - congratulations and best wishes - which involves extensive time off for them and juggling of the schedules of the other staff to fill the gaps.  Actually one of the brides is Angie, who is going to be working the night shift this week, before her wedding trip next week, while Megan fills in for Kev who was the groom on Sunday and is off this week. This is all good; we are certainly able to deal with their absences since we've been planning it almost as long as these two have been planning their celebrations.

But why do children have to get sick today and traffic get snarled and doctor's appointments get delayed, on this morning of all mornings?  Is the ice machine going to break down now?  the hood go up? the sole lunch server going to call out?  We can only wait and see what else this week holds for us.  The heat alone will be a test of wills. Thank goodness Kevin is healthy and strong.  And that he loves these challenges to his work week, just loves them.

To be continued....I'm sure...

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