Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday's Prix-fixe Report Plus

It's gonna be a hot one.  The week, that is.  And maybe next week too.  Some people deal with it better than others. I personally never complain about the heat because I complain about the cold.  Plus I work in air conditioning for 14 or 15 hours 5 days a week; not too many people in the restaurant business have the luxury of working in an air conditioned kitchen...  But you know it is exceptionally steamy outside when you walk through our back door and the 85 degrees inside feels good...

We need to chill...

Anyway, last night's prix-fixe was so good.  And so vegetarian.  The first course of mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, breadcrumbs, onions and cilantro was a mouthwatering starter:

Following this was the Summer Harvest Lasagna:

 How cool is this entree?  Kevin took sheets of his fresh pasta, cut them into wide rectangles and rolled them around a veritable farmer's market of eggplant, summer squash, peppers and corn,  with ricotta cheese.  At serving time he placed a slice of ripe Redman's tomato on the little roulade, with some mozzarella cheese and baked it in the oven.  Paired with one of  Terry Anthony's  crookneck squash and a side salad with balsamic dressing, it was as pretty as it was tasty.  And not anything you would see at BT in January, certainly.

The dessert was a cornmeal cake with fresh peach slices.  This cake was a new recipe, and a good one - it called for regular cornmeal as well as grits.  The latter added a really nice crunch to the cake, which the cornmeal alone would not have provided.  It was moist and sweet and a good foil for the peaches.

In a side note - all went well on Tuesday, despite our opening trepidation.  Megan does a fine job in Kev's stead at the end of the line, and Angie has the salad station down pat, of course. We know that. The rest of the "problems" worked themselves out, with Marlena back on the lunch line yesterday and everyone else in place as needed.  We (the royal "we", of course) shouldn't have been whining about the situation Tuesday morning, but you know our Tuesdays are your Mondays, and the least little thing puts us in a Monday-type mood.  Once we get through that first day, the rest of the week is smooth sailing.  We hope.

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  1. Barb....I try to keep "quiet" but I can't....that Wednesday meal would be right up my alley.....I can easily forego meet any day. And look how that chef husband presented Terry's squash...really I'm in awe. Shari