Monday, August 15, 2011

BT Goes to Doc's

We had a great time yesterday, eating our way through the menu at Doc's Riverside Grille in Centreville.  Only 7 of the Brooks Tavern team was able to make it, but we managed to litter the table with plenty of plates just the same.  Our waiter - Mike - was quite easy going, and our table out on the Patio was dry and sunny, just in the nick of our 4PM arrival time.  (6+ inches of rain in Kennedyville over the weekend, not too shabby.) 

The best dish we shared was probably the "BoBo Shrimp", with its spicy sauce and tender shrimp.  The popular cream of crab soup was a little thick for my taste, but that seems to be the nature of the beast, and our table cleaned their cups with gusto. The "Cheezie Chips", with their house made potato chips, were right up my alley, and I pretty much finished them off for the team.  We must have shared about 8 appetizers, including their famously large seafood nachos, even before we got our main courses - which meant that there were a lot of to-go boxes requested at the end of the meal.  Among the winners here were the quesadillas - both Tabitha's seafood and Katie's chicken and mushroom - and the rockfish tenders also looked pretty tasty.  My spinach salad was the perfect foil to the preceding small plate frenzy, but Kevin wasn't too happy with the tough and overcooked shrimp in his "Shrimp Salsa Cocktail".  He pretty much left it alone.  On to dessert.  Funny how there is always room for that sweet ending... The Winner in this category was clearly the lava cake partnered with vanilla ice cream.  We sampled the cheesecake, the coconut cream pie and the ChipWich as well, passing plates back and forth so everyone got some of each.

It was fun.  We ate A LOT.  Eating out on their patio was perfect, despite the influx of flies that got to be a little overwhelming at times.  There were buttons unbuttoned all across the board, and stories and laughter shared by the minute.   Pictures:

Jennifer, Rediet and Tabitha during the appetizer smorgasbord. 

Katie's behind the pole, talking with Marlena, while Kentrall listens in and Kevin ignores his food.
Lunch pairs Nicole and Katie.
Bus pairs Rediet and Tabitha - we toasted their future successes.

Rediet got a shot of Kevin and I in our relaxed state - someone was feeding us!
Mike took our group picture.  Thanks!

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