Friday, August 12, 2011


I am truly not a person who pays attention to advertising - unless it's for Brooks Tavern, of course.  I mute the commercials when I watch TV or use that time to take a shower; I rarely listen to commercial radio; I never click on the ad links on WebPages.  So it is my own fault that I succumbed to the print ads for Haagen Daz's new "Nutty Buddy" look-alike cone.  What a fool. 

Here's the picture of their "Caramel Sundae Cone" from their WebSite:

The print ads look even more lucious, with squares of caramel enhancing the  "gotta have it" quotient. At 170 calories a pop, and at $6 for a box of 5, they would certainly be a splurge.

Here's what mine looked like:                    
Do you see any caramel?  That's right - there wasn't any, not that I could either taste or see.  A rip-off of the ice cream novelty kind.  I take full responsibility for succumbing to their promotion.  I know that a McDonald's burger does not look like the picture of it on the bill board, so I don't know why I thought this so-called caramel cone would look like it's picture either.  And how about tiny - the size of my finger!  I'd like to know how they squeezed 170 calories into that little bitty cone. 

Save me.  Never again. 
Thanks for listening.


  1. So funny Barbara....because I confess to spending more than a little time contemplating these at Acme a couple of days ago...I even walked away and came back......but still ended up resisting......apparently a good decision. Shari

  2. Honestly. You were a lot smarter than I was!