Friday, August 12, 2011

Congressional Seafood

One of the big player's in the Washington D.C. seafood market is Congressional Seafood; owner Tim Sughrue and his wife Susan are regulars in our dining room, and we have had lots of very interesting conversations about the world of fish.  Tim is a biologist first and a fish monger second, if what I gather from his tales of the seafood industry are any indication. He is on a first name basis with all of the top toques in the D.C. restaurant scene, selling them hundreds of pounds of seafood each week.  August is his slow month, when Congress is on hiatus, and he can relax somewhat - although I get the feeling this is a man who rarely really "relaxes".  Tim periodically - not often enough, IMO - puts together a fascinating blog regarding what's happening in the world of crab and salmon, halibut and squid, primarily within his market on the Eastern Seaboard.  It makes great reading, whether you are a buyer or an eater of seafood. You can link to it via their website right here.  While we aren't customers of Tim's - our business is out of his delivery range, for one thing - this is a guy who we would deal with in a heartbeat, if only for his true love of the industry.

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