Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Week's Prix-fixe

The guests dining on the prix-fixe last night began with this antipasti plate of oven roasted plum tomatoes, fresh salt-and-sugar pickled cucumbers and very freshly made mozzarella cheese.

This was followed by a plate of fettuccine with duck and garnished with eggplant "fries", sauced with garlic ginger basil duck stock.

Dessert?  the classic cream caramel filled the bill nicely.

Meanwhile, back in the dish station, LaVonte and Kentrall were feasting on their own course of SausageWich...which, while lacking in vegetable matter, certainly made up for it in mouth appeal!

In other news, this is the last week for our two star bus girls.  Both Rediet and Tabitha finish out their stints here at Brooks Tavern on Saturday night.  Tabitha may be back to work on the weekends, once she gets settled at school, but Rediet will be off to U of P for her freshman year, and if we are lucky she will stop in to say hey when she's home for a visit.  We wish them both good fortune.  On Sunday we'll be celebrating their exit into the world of academia, as well as hosting a "welcome back" party for Kentrall.  This irregularly annual "BT Dines Out" event will be taking place at Doc's in Centreville.  (We had first planned to go to Waterman's, but no way were we going to be in Rock Hall this weekend!)

We haven't held one of these staff outings in awhile - I think the most recent one was at Bridges last summer, for Emily's departure.   We limit attendees to employees only, which eliminates some members of the staff who have family commitments on their Sunday off ("What do you mean, you're going to a work party on the only day we have off together?"), but it is a grand time to relax and be ourselves with our team mates who make BT happen.  I'll be sure to document.

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