Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dodging of the Bullet

Thank goodness that's over.

 We were so incredibly lucky that Irene spared us from so much potential loss.  We came in on Sunday morning to see the drainage pond breached and the water pretty high in the creek.  The power, which had apparently gone out at 10PM Saturday night, came on a few minutes after we arrived at 10:30.  Wow!  The walk-in was still "cool" and the freezer didn't seem affected at all.  We were just inspecting the ice cream - which would not make it if we didn't get it into an operating freezer right away - when the electric popped back on!  The gas tank has risen up out of the ground like a casket in New Orleans - Suburban Propane has been called to come check that out.

So, we won't be keeping anything mayonnaise based, since we don't know how "cool" it got in the walk-in for how long, but other than that, things are good.  How lucky could we get?  Sure, we lost Saturday night, and Saturday lunch too - we had six guests for lunch, four of whom were landlord related - but we aren't going to lose much product and we suffered no great damage here or at home.  We hope our staff members fared equally well; we'll find out tomorrow.  Meanwhile, the Saturday staff kept busy packing everything into the walk-in, as we worked in a just-in-case mode, and we thank them very much.

Nicole, Brittany, Katie and Angie.  Back row: me, Kevin, LaVonte.
It was a stressful situation.  We are grateful that none of the possible worst case scenarios came into play for us here at Brooks Tavern.  We hope all of you surfaced equally fine.

What's for lunch?

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  1. Zombie gas tank. I like it!