Saturday, August 27, 2011


We were wondering last night what those two huge piles of sand dumped in the back driveway were all about.  Well, Myles showed up with his shovel and a million bags and then we knew the plan.

During Isabel the Radcliffe Creek came up over the road and probably came up pretty high on the Mill too.

Eventually Myles got some help, when Randy and his reinforcements appeared.  BT provided the liquid refreshments.  They worked until dark, building a wall around the heat pumps.

This morning everyone was back.  The pile of sand diminished and the heat pumps were protected.    This is one of those moments when we are glad we are not the landlords!

Meanwhile, in our kitchen, we are getting ready to be open for lunch in a half hour, while at the same time trying to do whatever we can to save product in the event of a power failure.  Tropical Storm winds of 40, 50 mph could be approaching, and if downed trees do what we think they will, we could be in trouble with the contents of the walk-in and freezer.  We are documenting what we have on hand, filling the freezer full, and filling cooler after cooler with ice to pack stuff into after lunch. 

It's raining.  The wind is picking up.  We aren't going to be open for dinner - who will be going out, with the dire warnings being broadcast over all the airwaves?   It is going to be pretty nasty, even if it does not become the storm of the century, and there is no way we would expect our employees to come out in this sort of probable event.  

We'll get cleaned up here after lunch and join the rest of the community hunkered down until Irene blows away.  Keep your fingers crossed that the power stays on and the creek don't rise.

Stay safe.

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