Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wednesday Night Prix-fixe

I must admit, the veal sausage that Kevin made for the menu last night could give Binkert's a run for the encased meats money.  It was a version of weisswurst: not quite as pale as is traditional because the pasture raised veal which he used is more red than white, and without the addition of parsley.  Flavor-wise: bingo! 

The meal began with a whimsical ciabatta "cup" filled with fresh mozzarella baked with cherry tomatoes and basil.  This seasonal starter is destined to find a place among the summer small plate specials.

And here's the veal sausage.  It was so good - juicy and smooth textured (not in any way "pasty", so I guess it failed to be a true weisswurst in that description as well) and very savory.  It came with scalloped potatoes (my vote for mashed lost out), fresh corn and ratatoille.   Dessert was Angie's angel food cake paired with a brandied stone fruit sauce.  A very August menu, eh?

In other news:

One of Megan's daily jobs is to finish the bread making process.  She takes the formed loaves of dough that Kev had shaped earlier and bakes them off.  The finished product cools on the cart before service.

Veal is very much on our menu right now, since we just got in a whole calf from St. Brigid's last week.  This was the veal special last night - a crab glazed cutlet topped with roasted portabella mushrooms.

Also this week we've seen that magnificent panzanella being served with a griddled piece of Scottish salmon and drizzled with the citrus vinaigrette. Nice.

No, I don't believe there is very much "bland" about the food at Brooks.  I'm just sayin'.

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