Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How to Get a "Reservation" at Brooks Tavern

Tom and Jean McKinney (Kevin's brother and sister-in-law) were in town this weekend, and Tom brought his own "Reserved" sign...He was not happy that *some* people get a reservation and he doesn't.  Of course, it didn't matter that it was his own father who got a reserved table.  Tom decided he would make a nicer sign, and I guess he thought that would get him a nicer table?  Here's a picture of his sign:

That would be a photo of the McKinney clan, which perhaps gave greater clout to the reservation "request".  Tom placed his sign on numerous tables, including one that actually was reserved, before it settled on Tom and Jean's.

 We were allowed to join them at the end of the night, even though we weren't on the "reserved list".   Hmmm, I like this "sign" business...how about one that says "Barbara Will Be Right With You"?  Tom?

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