Friday, July 29, 2011

Dinner For Four

Here's your new desk top picture.  This is four rib steaks that Kevin cut from a roast brought in by our Back Door Vegetable Man, Terry Anthony.  Terry raises his own beef and this beautiful meat was from one of his Hereford steers.  He left it in Kevin's care so we could serve it to him and three of his friends for dinner last night. 

They arrived to a full house at 7:30 (Burger Night!).  Within minutes their table was ready and the first course of crab stuffed "Anthony" squash was served.

Before they were cooked (the steaks I mean), I brought the platter of prepared steaks out for the group to admire.  A few other folks in the dining room admired  them too!

Kevin seared the thick cuts of beef in Bertha and then let them roast in a slow oven until they were medium rare.  They were accompanied by a rice stuffed poblano pepper, some ratatouille and corn, plus a handful of those soon-to-be-famous frizzled Chester Sweets from Arnold Farms.  What a plate of manly food, eh?

The first picture I took of the guys digging in, no one except Terry was paying me a bit of attention!  Note the beatific smile on the face of the fellow to Terry's right.

A feast was had by all!

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