Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Weekend, Another Great Meal

We work, between us, about 150 hours a week.  Ha!  That's a lot of "I love my job"!  So, there should be no surprise that we look forward to our weekend - starting usually around 9:30 on Tuesday morning - nor that our weekend should revolve around food.  Sunday dinner plans generally begin around Thursday, as in "What are we doing for dinner Sunday night?"

You would think that the last thing Kevin would want to do, on his Sunday night off, is cook the evening meal.  And sometimes, he doesn't.  We go out.  But sometimes, he does.  We eat in.  Like this past Sunday...
I actually did the mashing of the potatoes - they weren't the greatest, since all we had was 2% milk, but at least I did something besides set the table...

Cauliflower with garlic and parsley, ready to plate.

Pork chops sizzle in the electric skillet.

Voila!  Dinner is served.
P.S. - I did the dishes too.

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