Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Official - Fall is Here

Like clockwork, fall arrives with the return of the Canada geese.  Apple pie, butternut squash and soon oysters return as well.  The change of season is always welcome; even as we dread the winter weather that approaches, we sure do appreciate a dip in temperatures and the great sleeping weather that we are experiencing this week.  Bring her on!

This Wednesday's prix-fixe was a big success.  Kevin roasted and stuffed peppers with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, and sauced them with a pepper sauce made from spicy peppers picked from my brother's garden.  The sauce was so good, a bit (!!) on the heated side, but the creamy cheese helped absorb some of the Scoville units.  This course was followed by a healthy slice of seafood terrine, made with salmon and catfish.  Dessert - a light and creamily sweet Pavlova roll, dressed with stewed peaches. A very elegant meal, for our discerning diners on Wednesday night.  And there were a lot of them!  Pictures:
The stuffed pepper.

The terrine.
The Pavlova roll.

In other news:

We get frequent requests for vegetarian plates at dinner, and usually Kevin comes up with something pretty creative.  This week he presented what one diner dubbed the "Crepedilla", a cheese and vegetable filled quesadilla crepe sort of concoction.  Thumbs up!

Vegetarians at lunch or dinner might also be happy with the salad topped with honey-baked brie croutons, as would most anyone, regardless of affiliation.

The forecast for the weekend is rain and clouds. We'll be doing our best to chase away the blues with some excellent food, fine drink and friendly service.  We got our new printer yesterday, so we can finally print up-to-date menus and get away from all of that tedious "there are a few changes on the menu" stuff.  Of course, as soon as we add the new preparations, Kevin will decide to change something.  

 It's been a hectic couple of weeks, in case you haven't noticed.  We've been a little short in the kitchen, due to circumstances within our control, and combined with some new staff in the dining room, Kevin and I have both had our work cut out for us. The printer issue, finally resolved, has created a back-log of office work, and once again my desk is more or less a continuous stack of papers and folders.  Thank goodness we have such a great crew that we can - and do - really count on, to keep us from going completely haywire.  And thank goodness for wine!

Enjoy the sound of the geese!

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