Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream sandwich is one of the most popular desserts that we serve.  We've been making them since the Kennedyville Inn days, when we had Ben & Jerry's ice cream delivered weekly.  (One of my favorite stories involves a disgruntled customer who was perturbed by the fact that the sandwich was frozen...but that's a tale for another day.)

We make them in all sorts of variations - from the classic chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream to a double chocolate cookie with raspberry.  Right now we are in the thick of one of the most popular combinations - Kilby Cream's pumpkin ice cream with a ginger snap cookie.  Here's how Angie puts them together:

The cookie dough is portioned.
She presses the cubes of dough in a mold to insure uniformity.

The baked cookies rest on the rolling rack.

They cool before being filled with ice cream.

Each half is placed on the scale, zeroed out and them the ice cream is weighed on top.

Four ounces of ice cream for each cookie.

They are a handful, eh?

Wrapping them up!

Voila - ready for your place at the table.  This most popular version will be around for a few weeks, and then it might be time for the competition: chocolate cookie with peppermint ice cream!  Look for it!


  1. And I've discovered that if you can't finish it (they are a handful), your server will very obligingly put half in the freezer until you are ready to race home with it for your own freezer. What a treat the next day and what terrific service. Thanks.

  2. I love all these posts.....eventhough I'm here at my house in Florida fixing a pretty respectable meal......that St. Brigids Farm beef and the shrimp make my mouth water....and well, I know for a fact those ginger cookie and pumpkin ice cream sandwiches are decadent.....I love seeing all those trays of cookies. One week ago tonight I was I'm here....sigh!!! Shari