Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Night's Prix-fixe Report

First of all, we were screaming busy.  Many people commented on it.  We had a 30 minute wait at 6:30 - which is terribly uncommon on Wednesday night - and ran out of the menu by ten of seven.  Crazy.  And I can't say that the menu really takes the credit, although it was awfully good, with those shrimp and all.  My theory was that it was the DownRigging Avoidance Syndrome, as in "Let's go out tonight honey, it's going to be too busy this weekend".  What ever the reason, we had plenty to do to keep us out of trouble.

Kevin has been trying out these shrimp that Frank sold him, to stand in for the Marvesta Shrimp, which have been offline for a while now.  (They apparently had a problem with their tanks which caused them to lose all of their shrimp; word was they'd be back in business this month...)  These red shrimp are wild caught off the coast of  South America, from June to March, and then are shipped frozen to market.  We'd much prefer to carry Marvesta's eco-friendly product, as shrimp are one of the more controversial seafoods, both wild-caught and farmed.  Tiger shrimp are apparently the most destructive, and while these South Atlantic  crustaceans are a little better than that, they are still not what you would call "sustainable".  That being said, flavor-wise, they are pretty darn good!  Kevin sauteed them with spinach and spooned the "pan gravy" over the top.  

The main course was St. Brigid's Farm beef shoulder, braised to certain tenderness and enhanced with a caramelized onion sauce.  It had to be mouth watering.  Dessert was a slice of Angie's pineapple upside down cake, of which no picture was taken.  Overall it was a fantastic meal for 22 lucky diners!

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