Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday Night's Prix-fixe

Last night's weekly menu started with a bowl of duck soup - I'm sorry, no picture - that was very much like the soup we sent down to the Wildlife Festival's soup tasting from this past weekend. (And BTW, don't try to make jokes with any of our staff about the Marx Brothers and their duck soup - it will only get you blank stares...)  This was followed by the veal stuffed pepper, seen above.  Kevin was very pleased with the results of this dish, especially the sauce.  It was certainly pleasant to the eye.

There were green, red and even one or two yellow peppers - from Redman Farms, of course - with fresh sauteed spinach and spaghetti squash flavored with a little tomato.  

 For the dessert portion, Angie made a pan of Apple Crisp.  This proved to be so popular - we know this because several "non-menu" diners requested it for their dessert - that she is making another big pan of it to serve at lunch and dinner today.  We're using Empire Macintosh apples from Milburn's, which aren't the best for pies, as they get too soft as they bake, but they're fine as a base for the toasty oatmeal struesel, offering a nice contrast of creamy apple and crunchy topping.  A little heavy cream splashed over top, and you are good to go!

On the dinner menu lately is this spinach salad with brie baked on a fried flour tortilla wedge.  It looks very appetizing with it's assortment of julienned vegetables and sprinkling of candied walnuts.  Megan tosses the spinach in our balsamic vinaigrette before she puts the plate together, creating this wonderful fall salad for the eyes and the mouth.

At night the gumbo serves as the base for the chicken entree, paired with Kevin's andouille sausage - a little spicy, no? - under a mound of rice and a sprinkling of roasted banana peppers and green onions.   Coming up with a winning chicken dish to offer on the dinner menu is one of Kevin's most challenging jobs, and with this gumbo he gets a blue ribbon.  It is so satisfying and flavorful, and favored by both our male and female guests in equal measure, although I think the men are more pleased with the portion size!  It's a solid bowl of  dinner.

Things are starting to slow up a little, as they typically do this time of year, and Kevin is relishing the loosening of the pressure.  It has been pretty much non-stop work for him for the past six months and he is fine with not having to act like a maniac for a couple of months...  Of course, pretty soon he'll be focusing on New Year's Eve, which is maniacal enough, but for the next few weeks he should be able to at least sit down for a bit in the afternoon and relax.  As if he would...

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