Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's For Lunch

One thing is the "new" Tidewater sandwich.  BT lunch aficionados know about our "CrabWich", a messy delight that sports crab filling, topped with ham and cheese and then baked until it becomes even more messy and more delightful.  It has been a very popular mainstay on our summer lunch menu.  With the closing of the Village Bakery, we lost not only our favorite Sunday lunch spot, but our source for the "old" Tidewater's marble rye bread.  And it's funny, we've been making those sandwiches, featuring chicken or turkey salad, Smithfield ham and Swiss cheese, since lunch started at the Ironstone Cafe in 1986, when we originally got the swirled sliced bread from the also now defunct Amity Bakery. 

So, what to do about the Tidewater?  Kevin and Brittany immediately focused on the bread we use for the CrabWich - a buttery brioche split bun - which would lend itself perfectly to the fillings used in the Tidewater.  The name shall remain the same - we thought TideWaterWich was a bit of a mouthful, even as the sandwich would be - but the presentation has morphed into the one you see in the photo above.  Get your napkins ready!

Then there is the Spinach Salad we've been offering as a lunch special.  Fresh spinach greens, with cubes of roasted sweet potatoes, feta cheese and candied walnuts, accented with the sweet tang of balsamic vinaigrette.  What do they call this? an instant classic?  What ever, it's mighty tasty and has the added benefit of sneaking some highly nutritional stuff into you as well!

Another special lately has been a gumbo of one type or another.  This week it's oyster and chicken, chicken in the form of a braised leg.  Talk about weather appropriate! and full of gumbo flavor.  We're loving it, and so are our guests.

Come on down - don't forget that free parking thing.  And if our lot looks too full for comfort, don't forget we share it with three other businesses, so while the front may look full, there are always spots around back where we park.  We often get people who come in, despite the crowded lot, and express their surprise when we aren't packed.  Lunch is rarely "packed", which makes it very relaxing.  

As an aside, we get a lot of interesting comments from first timers - like the family  who had been eying the place, but it wasn't until last night that they finally came in to check us out.  They hadn't made the effort before now because they thought we only served hamburgers!  See, that's how a promotion can sometimes back-fire.  It's one  reason why I never use the work "closed" in any sign or is just too risky.  


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