Friday, November 18, 2011

Burger Mania!

Well, it may have been slow at the beginning of the week, but last night's burger mania more than made up for it.  92 customers on a Thursday night is pretty awesome - and 40 of those had burgers.  The special burger, pictured above, was the overwhelming majority of the latter. Service was only slightly hectic, being fairly well spread out, with people getting sat even a little after 8.  It wasn't quiet in the dining room, that is for sure, but it was a people-having-fun noisy, not an uncomfortable clamor, at least to my (business owner) ears.  We ended up selling out of burgers by about 7:30.

Here we have a customized version of the Brie and Onion special burger, with a green salad in lieu of French fries and minus the bun.  Still lookin' good!

In other news, the meatloaf special for tonight came out of the oven looking pretty good too!

The second weekend meat special will be these St. Brigid Farm short ribs, which Kevin trimmed and braised, and which will be part of a cannelloni.  I'll get a picture of the finished product when it arrives on the plate.

I couldn't resist taking another picture of the porkchop - it just looks magnificent with its cloak of mushrooms and vegetables.  Note the decoratively sliced carrots - that is one of those "attention to detail" things that make me so proud to work with Kevin.

We had some luncheon guests at the kitchen table yesterday - Angie's sons Kelsey and Dana.  They had a half-day at school and grabbed the opportunity for lunch (sort of ) with Mom.  

And finally, I leave you with this picture of the plump corn-fed dove that Frank brought over to our house on Monday.  He claimed they were the fattest dove he has ever seen, and we look forward to proving him right. A platter of these little guys would make a pretty fine centerpiece for ThanksGiving dinner, if you ask me!  Chances are better that they will go camping with us next month, and end up on a skewer over hot coals: pictures to follow.

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