Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkeys For Thanksgiving

Just in time for the brine - Locust Point Farm turkeys arrive.

The biggest one is about 22 pounds - that's a big turkey!

Here's my favorite turkey picture - "borrowed" from the NYT years ago - it is now the profile picture on my FaceBook page.

This is a shot my brother's friend Dan took of our TG Turkey two TG's ago, as it looked on its final debut before the carving knife.  Note the extra thighs roasting with the bird - we need lots of dark meat!

And this is my absolute favorite picture from last year: the debris brought in from the dining room after dinner...I could use a nice turkey sandwich on one of those rolls right now!

In other news, this is the results of those slow cooked shortribs I promised last week - not exactly ThanksGiving fare - which we served on Saturday night.  A nice plate of succulence!

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