Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cooks Cook for ThanksGiving

The Brooks Tavern cooks are not getting much of a day off tomorrow, that is for sure.  Several are cooking the entire ThanksGiving feast, and most are doing at least a couple of sides.  Here's the rundown this year:
  • Mandrell is doing the turkey.  He uses a dry rub to marinate his bird for several hours, then does a classic roast  in the oven.  
  • Brittany is doing the entire meal, her fifth year in a row to host the show.  Her family clamors for her sweet potato fluff, which is a twist on the traditional casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows - the difference being that her version puts the marshmallows in the casserole, rather than on the top, where they melt into the creamy potatoes. 
  • Angie and her mother are once again sharing the duties of putting the feast on the table.  Angie - of course - is in charge of desserts, and this year there will not only be a pumpkin cheesecake, there will also be husband Greg's favorite pie: coconut cream.
  • Debbie is celebrating her first ThanksGiving here in God's Country.  She is preparing a couple of casseroles, including her special spinach dish with mushrooms and cheese.  Her fiance is doing the scalloped oysters - yum!
  • Kev will be at the hospital with his mother, unfortunately, who has been suffering this week with heart issues and will be undergoing procedures to make things right again.  We wish her the best, and Kev and his family the same. 
  • Megan will be bringing the Natty Boh.
  • Rodrigo - who last year did nothing but put his feet under his mother's table - will be making the potatoes and the turnips!  He is responsible for turning many of our turnip-fearing guests into turnip fans, so his family definitely has a treat in store.
  • Chef Kevin will be making a drive to Wilmington.  Ha!  That's right, the chef from Brooks Tavern will not be doing any cooking at all this ThanksGiving, due to the fact that his Wife made....reservations!
All of us here at Brooks Tavern wish all of you a wonderful ThanksGiving Day.  We hope you can celebrate the day with family, with friends, with food, with drink, and don't forget!  have everyone around the table offer their own personal ThanksGiving, to make the day complete. 


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