Friday, November 25, 2011

Wonder Who is Washing Dishes Tonight?

I was the (reluctant) dishwasher for a large part of Wednesday night. (Kevin enjoyed documenting.)  Imagine that, neither scheduled dishwasher shows up for their shift on the night before ThanksGiving...what a concept.   At 4:30 when the 4:00 hadn't shown up, I started in on the huge pile of pots that had accumulated with prep-work after lunch service.  By 5:30 - with Nicole hosting for me - I had made it through the pots and pans, of course taking great pride in getting them to a new-like shine.  (I did cheat somewhat, and ran a lot of the plastic through the mechanical dishwasher.)  This was before I knew that the 6:00 dishwasher was also going to be AWOL.  I didn't want him to have to show up to that massive pile of pots, since it wasn't his fault that his co-worker was a no-show.  Ha!  So, when it turned out he didn't show up was good I had attacked those pans when I did!  As service went on, Debbie and Rodrigo picked up the pot slack and I continued with the dishes, closing down the station as sparkly as I could.  There was combat pay for those who stepped up to the plate - as they so often do - and an extra glass of wine for the oldest dishwasher, seeing as it was a holiday and all.

And hell to pay for those who let us down.


  1. And why, exactly, are you chewing on a steel-wool scrubby? Don't they feed you at that place??

  2. That is a feeding frenzy of frustration you are witnessing in this photo.