Thursday, November 03, 2011

Last NIght's Prix-fixe

Good menu last night.  Those who chose to participate started off with "duck duck soup", which involved a bowl of soup enhanced with a crispy slice of duck scrapple.  Kevin first made scrapple from duck last year, and it was a cult favorite; there will be quite a few to welcome it back.  

The lasagna which followed was not your everyday pasta bake.  Kevin took rectangles of his freshly made pasta sheets and layered them with ricotta and Parmesan cheeses.  He's been using a very fine ricotta that he gets through Chef's Warehouse, from Calabro cheeses.  He finds it to be the tastiest ricotta he's ever used.   The cheese is made in East Haven Connecticut and comes in a sort of funny packaging, with a plastic covering over the mound of cheese coming out of the top of the container.  You wonder why they don't just put less cheese in the tub or get a bigger one...anyway, it's good.

So, taking this basic pasta and cheese bake, he cuts portions for service, tops them with a broccoli spear or two, some portabella mushroom slices and bakes it again with a slice of muenster melted over all.  Placed in a servicing bowl with some bright tomato sauce, it was most likely one of the lightest yet tastiest vegetarian lasagnas some people ever had.  I know this because more than one person said just that!

Dessert was the classic cream caramel, which needs no picture.  We sold out of the menu, with several whole tables ordering it together. 

But that's not all.  

Kevin's meatloaf was, as usual, another big hit.  It seems that most of the tables I went to who were enjoying this comfort meal did not even let their eyes leave the plate when I asked them how everything was.  "This is good", now let me eat in peace!

And of course finally: 

The oyster fritter made a triumphant return on Tuesday night, welcomed by many and by even more last night - we sold out.   I can't tell you how often people have asked for this seasonal favorite, ever since we've had an 'R' in the month, by phone and in person.  And for good reason: it is just that good.  Kevin can't really understand the hype, but I can.  There is something about the oysters and the lemon butter sauce that make it stand out in your mouth, with the added crunch of the tiny carrot cubes offering a colorful contrast.  Let the season begin!


  1. I have been totally craving an oyster fritter... maybe next time I'll have you mail me one!

  2. And while you are at the post office, would you mail me a portion of the lasagna......that sounds and looks SO good. Shari