Friday, November 04, 2011

Burger Night

Bacon Cheeseburger
 I know I have said this before, but it is simply amazing to me how well received our Thursday "Burger Night" has been.  After so many years of moaning about our slow Thursday dinners, we wonder why we didn't do this sooner!  Of course we wouldn't have done it while Andy was doing hers, and in a lot of ways our new found popularity on Thursday night has something to do with that well loved special at that much missed bar.  But it has become such a fun night, with so many new regulars.  It takes people about 8 minutes to get to their table because they are stopping here and there to greet friends.  Or they are on their way out, and next thing you know they are sitting at another table or hanging out at the bar talking to more friends.  It's like having a great big burger-centric party!  We have one group of pre-burger night diners who are among the few, outside of our own staff, to see the burger boom fill the seats, and I think they are as pleased for us as we are pleased to have them filled.

Burger with 5-spice bacon
And those St. Brigid Farm burgers aren't a bad draw, either.  Last night's special was with 5-spice bacon, hoisin mayonnaise and some of our cowgirl candy.   The hot peppers were avoided by some, but it didn't prevent burger mania. 

It is so crazy to have such a good time at work, isn't it?

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