Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Prix-Fixe Report

Kevin's meat pies for the Wednesday night prix-fixe looked quite delectable in their uncut state, just before service.  They were filled with ground beef, pork, onions and allspice.

The meat pie was preceded by a jumble of fried portabella mushrooms on a shredded romaine salad.  Hey, no one said this was supposed to be diet fare!

On the plate, the meat pie was sauced, and accompanied by some beets and the tomatoed spaghetti squash, which has been gracing the plates for the past few weeks.    It was a very happy meal.

It was also pretty slow:

Here I am, in the middle of service Wednesday night.  All I need is an oyster fritter and a large glass of wine and I'd be a very content restaurateur!

The fellows on the line are busy with the one ticket they got going - ha!  It's been such a busy summer and fall, we are all a little ready for the respite, although after a week of slowness we'll be antsy all over again.  It's the way it goes though, and we are quite lucky to have a season as long as we do - all the way through November, for the most part.  Now, for the next few months, it will be (hopefully) busy weekends that tide us over.  We sort of know to expect the slow down, but it's never really welcome, except by you-know-who.  

Meanwhile, one week 'til Thanksgiving!

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