Friday, November 11, 2011


We get a lot of compliments on the bread we serve, both the ciabatta rolls we frequently use for bread service at lunch and the warm slices we bring around during dinner.  And it is good bread.  But we also bring along some pretty decent butter to go along with it.  For the past decade or more, we've been regular users of  "Beaver Meadow" brand, which I have talked about in the past.  It is very good butter, especially for baking.  Price wise, it is up and down and up, just like all dairy products.  Lately it's been relatively stable, at just over $2.50 a pound.  Recently, however, the same goes for that name brand luxury butter - Plugra.  It is currently a nickle more than Beaver Meadow, and comes on the same truck as the NY Strips and the Whole Ducks. So, why not splurge a bit?  Maybe it's the butter that makes the bread better!


  1. Cook's Illustrated compared unsalted butters in their November 2011 issue. While Plugra came out on top of their ratings, Land O' Lakes Unsalted was almost as good, particularly for baking. Unfortunately (from several perspectives), Horizon landed at the bottom of the heap.

  2. I saw that article, but since I am not a "member" I couldn't link to it. Personally, our big butter splurge is for Vermont Creamery Butter - oh. my. It is really good. And Kate's - I love Kate's. You know, I think it's butter I love!

  3. I couldn't find Cook's review either. Did they separate which was the best for tasting (like on bread and stuff) from which was the best for cooking?