Thursday, November 10, 2011

ThanksGiving is for Turkeys

Attention shoppers:  We have arranged with our fresh poultry purveyor, Locust Point Farm in Elkton, for delivery of their fresh turkeys for our customers' Thanksgiving needs!  This is the turkey we use here at Brooks Tavern, from the same folks who sell us the pasture raised chickens we serve as well. 

Anyone interested in purchasing a fresh turkey through us from Locust Point can call us at 410-810-0012.  The birds will be $3.00 lb. and we will accept orders up until the 18th of November.  They will be delivered on Tuesday the 22nd and can be picked up here that day or the next.  Bear in mind, we will only be able to order as many as space allows.  And, uh, no, Kevin will probably not be doing the roasting for you, but he would certainly be happy to offer some tips for success!

Gobble gobble that one up!

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