Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gettin' Down the Wire

Only five more days to get what you have to do done for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.  Falling on a Sunday this year, Christmas does not offer the BT crew much of an extended reprieve vacation from our daily lives, but we do get a luxurious three day weekend.  (For those who are wondering about our hours - we are always closed on December 24th, 25th and 26th, no matter what day of the week they fall.)  We are looking forward to some serious down time, with plenty of seasonal treats and goblets of champagne.  

One lucky family we know will be digging into this bone-in rib roast on Christmas Day.  Kevin ordered it from Pineland Farms for them to roast for the family's holiday feast.  Nice, huh?  We might also be having beef of some sort for Christmas dinner, but the specific cut remains unclear.  

This week we hope to be a little busier than last - the weekend was especially slow last week - and look forward to the scent of Christmas Cheer in the air.  You can't help but feel festive when your guests are all dressed in red and green, exchanging gifts at the table, wishing one and all a Merry Christmas.  We will be fine-tuning our menu for the weekend - a big part of the pleasures of the season are the anticipation of the special meal times shared with family and friends.  What are you having?  Where do you get your ham?  Is Until Milt bringing those great sausages he always makes?  Do you have Sara's recipe for gingerbread?   Who's bringing the fish house punch?  What are you having for Christmas Breakfast?  Food.  It's what we all have in common and what brings us together, time and again.

Here's hoping you can take some time out of this busy week before Christmas to find the time to enjoy the holiday treats that appear before us, from the chocolate mint pinwheel cookies that your Aunt May brandishes when you see her at the Family Gathering to the wreath that magically appears over LaMotte for us all to share.  Slow down.  Make the season last.  Share the glow.  And have a glass of eggnog with that fruitcake - you won't be seeing it again until next year!


  1. Merry Christmas, Barbara and Kevin
    Lovely weather here in Florida though Santa is going to be pretty warm in that red fluffy suit. Enjoy your rest!!! Shari

  2. And cheers to you and Parker too Shari! Happy New Year as well! Barbara